Main information about our services

Check-in and self check-in: from 15:00 to 21:00 by reservation, unless otherwise agreed.

Check-out: from 8:30 to 10:30.


Cleaning: there is no daily room cleaning service unless prior arrangements are made during the



Linen: The sheets will be changed by the staff every 6 nights while the towels will be changed every 3 nights at no additional cost. Any additional linen changes will have an additional cost.


Animals: Animal friends are welcome in our facility at no additional cost.


No smoking: smoking is strictly forbidden in all internal spaces of the structure, including bedrooms.


Wi-fi: it will be possible to access a free line called "Saludi e Trigu Hot-spot".

The breakfast

The staff of the farmhouse is happy to inform guests that, to reduce waste and waiting times, it will be possible to have a la carte breakfast every day from 8:00 to 10:00 for a total cost of € 8.50 per person. . The service will be paid for from 5 years upwards.


Breakfast will be served after filling in the special list by 18:00 of the previous day;


After 18:00 it will no longer be possible to make changes or cancellations to the service, so any amount will be credited to the account in full.


The swimming pool

Bathing is unattended therefore minors are allowed access to the swimming pool in the above time frame
only in the presence of their parents. The parents/legalguardians of the underage children have the responsibility to look after them and their behaviour in proximity of the swimming pool;


The swimming pool is open from 8:00AM to 08:00PM. For the possibility of using the pool outside of the opening hours, including at night, itʼs mandatory to ask permission to the staff of Saludi e Trigu;


It is mandatory to go through the showers before entering the swimming pool;


Avoid bathing with sunscreens or please take a rigorous shower after using them before entering the pool.


Itʼs mandatory to use the swimming hats;


Itʼs forbidden to dive in the swimming pool, as itʼs not deep enough to ensure security.