Family, everything started from here.

Dear guests,


My name is Francesco and I will be your host! 

My dad, my mother and I were the protagonist of the birth of this wonderful hospitality project.


Specifically, I take care of the large park that surrounds the property and accompany you day by day in all phases of your stay.


I like to understand who I am dealing with from the first contacts, select the experiences that best suit your interests and know your stories!



As I told you, I didn't undertake this journey alone...

In this photo you can see my father, Luciano, my mother, Teresa, and me


Teresa is a retired policewoman who is now dedicated to preparing all the dishes you will find in your breakfast. Tarts, cakes, jams and marmalades are just some of the dishes that she will carefully prepare for you!


Luciano is a farmer and breeder who has dedicated himself with love and passion to his farm every day for 50 years!

He gave life to this splendid reality that today allows us to host beautiful people from all over the world.



We look forward to meeting you!